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Support for: Working for an idiot or icon, stinky/smelly coworkers, bullies, annoying coworkers, general workplace solutions, conflict resolution, dating, safety, get a job, and the REAL good, bad and ugly of the workplace! 

It doesn't take a survey to educate the public, that there is a large portion of people who do not like their jobs. Of course, there are some people who love their job so much, that they would do it for free.  There are some good workplaces/jobs out there.  People who are just trying to "survive" the work day, week or year.  We hear you! You are not alone.


Learning how to adapt is a priceless skill that you MUST have in the workplace. No exceptions.

Mastering this skill is critical to survive and thrive, so you don't lose your mind!

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When surveyed, communication was the element most lacking in organizations.

Clear communication is the glue that can make or break productivity.

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Educate yourself about how to handle people and situations  working in the "real world".

Along with adapt and communicate, you WILL survive and thrive without losing your mind, and ACE the workplace!

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Goal of A.C.E. The Workplace

The goal of this site is: How to address what is really going on in the workplace, survive it and be successful as possible, without losing your mind, literally.  This is your support system! job workplace job resume hire

A C E the Workplace Adapt Communicate Educate teamworkSeveral people surveyed said they like their workplace, because of the their coworkers, NOT their managers. Then, there are some great managers and not so great coworkers. The camaraderie amongst coworkers can make or break teamwork. However, some coworkers are stinky-literally! Some people do not practice daily hygiene or some bathe in cologne and perfume. Both can knock you out or give you a serious migraine and call in sick. There is a way to handle these situations. Much sought after topics are included, such as: workplace wellness, workplace weight gain, and stretching the paycheck. However, if you feel like that you need to get another job, there is support under Get Hired. jobs workplace resume hire

Of course there are several issues in the workplace, so forgive this site ahead of time if an issue was missed. Simply,"communicate" via email or blog to include topic.

Get ready to survive and thrive
Before the above can happen, let's review how to get the job: resumes, wardrobes and interviews, that's you! Learn more...