About Us

About us

About US

A.C.E. the workplace is "real talk" about how to survive and thrive in the workplace, without losing your mind! Literally!

This site was born out of a serious unspoken need.  

We are here to share, encourage, and help you to become aware of "how-to" handle workplace situations. This is based upon "real world" information gathering, from real people who have survived and thrived, and did not lose their minds. You can to!

A.C.E is interested in help you to be the best you can at in the workplace. However, this support system can be part of your toolbox. 

Thank you for taking time to check our about us page.  This is a speak openly or contribute freely.  No workplace related topic is off the table.  Check out the blogs: contribute and learn.  You may have solutions that can help others.

Please contact us if you would like to include a topic discussed.


Disclaimer:  The solutions provided on this site are suggestions gathered from true events and outcomes.   Always use your best judgement.  Names of people, places, events, companies and affiliated parties have been changed for protection.