Bad Breath

Sometimes you can simply walk by someone in the workplace, or be in a brief meeting and their breath (and teeth) is not so refreshing - matter of fact it may knock you out! Bad breath is a problem in and out of the workplace.

Some from Human Resources has confirmed, this is one reason why some candidates do not receive a second job interview.  Your breath and resume MUST qualified.

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How do you handle a coworker with bath breath?

To address this issue (which has proven to work) you can:

1.  Have a meeting with your manager to discuss the issue one-on-one with the individual

2.  Ask your manager to send out an email reminding the team of personal hygiene

3.  You can strike up a conversation with the person about your favorite bath products.  You do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, as several people with this issue may not be aware or of normal for them to not shower in a few days.  Utilizing one of the above tactics have proven to remedy the issue (true story).

The second and third technique was the most effective when collecting survey results from people in the workplace.

TRUE STORY: Names have been changed to protect individuals 

Mindy had not used a toothbrush in 2 to 3 weeks (from manager's conversation with Mindy).  At the weekly meeting in the intimate conference room, her breath was noticeable by her team and made everyone uncomfortable.

Mindy's co-worker Dave, approached their manager with his concerns about working with her. The manager spoke to Mindy about her co-workers' concern, without disclosing who brought the issue to her attention. Mindy stated that she was busy and did not realize her oral hygiene was an issue or thought about it.

Mindy's manager took her to the store and brought her some supplies to clean her mouth. They went into the ladies room, and the manager carefully watched her brush, floss and rinse her teeth.  Mindy sobbed with embarrassment ( yet touched by her manager's gentle nature) and the manager encouraged her to see a dentist and/or counselor.   

Mindy followed her manager's advice and took a take a last minute personal day off from work for a dental checkup.

By the way, her manager was an "icon".

Please share, how would you have handled a coworker with severely bad breath?

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