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Looking for a job is a job in itself! We understand, you just want to get hired. Yes, my friend, it is work. It takes work to look for work, and a little money.  Once you have your foot in the door, you are on your way to survive, thrive, and yes, earning that paycheck.  Let's get real.  Getting an interview, vs. getting hired are two very different things my friend.   Click here to review dressing for the interview.

Before we move on, here is a fun and VERY realistic view about an office workplace. Enjoy!  (running time 2 minutes, 22 seconds)


Job Resources are everywhere, getting hired is another story. Depending on what you are looking for, some jobs are listed in/at very specific areas.  Nowadays most jobs are listed on the internet, but not all.

Let’s get to the point here. Resumes are subjective. It is best to include your technical skills at the top of your resume, even though you are applying for non-technical positions. Why? Because you may be considered for a higher paying position utilizing those skills. Yes, you want that. Unless you are planning on doing your job for free. Nope, didn't think so.

After creating your resume, check for typos and grammar, and list your resume on as many job sites as possible.

Best Job Hunting Websites

If you are not sure on which job sites are out there, you can use an internet search tool such as Google, Bing or that other thing, by entering a job title or the words “job sites”. Websites and companies with that position title will be listed. You can also go directly to a company’s website to look for positions (under “jobs” “careers”, etc.).

Here are a few job sites to get you started:


Click here to look for a job -> Monster  - Monster has multiple job listings and you can post your resume for FREE!  - One of ACE's favorite four letter words!


2. Indeed  - Enter your job search below to get started! Another great resource for posting your resume for FREE, with lots of opportunity.


Jobs from Indeed


3.    Click here to visit DICE! It's all about the techies! - Post for FREE! 


4.Workplace, get hired, chair, green, recruiter, workplace, jobs,  Visit ziprecruiter!  - Another FREE resume posting. Very Good. Not much to say, post, post, post.

5.  workplace, FREE resume posting, look for jobs, resume buildingVisit! Another FREE resume posting. Very Good. More you post, more bites you will receive.  You can do this!


6.  Job Search -  Post your resume and search for jobs for FREE! 


7.  Best resource for looking for government job opportunities.  You can apply for multiple listing and post your resume and credentials for FREE!  Just get a snack and something to drink, because there are lots of questions.

You are on your way - Let's go!

Fasten your seatbelt and get a notebook to keep track of the following after submitting resume and/or and securing interview:
notepad pro

1.  Company, recruiter

 or hiring manager's name, telephone number and their location (if different from where you will be working)

2.  What job you applied for: title and duties, if different from posting

3.  When they are looking to hire

4.  Location of position and interview locations

5.  $alary offer and what your potential counter offer 

You will need of course, a few basics to look for and obtain a job:            

Again, these are the basics.  Depending on what job you are seeking, other elements may be required (or good to have ready if asked), such as a portfolio, demonstrating physically ability, a cooked dish or whatever is needed to show your talents and abilities; and a great interview. 

Human Resources have noted that many positions, go to people who ask for them.  At the end of the interview you can even close by saying: "I understand that you may be interviewing other candidates, however, I am interested in this position and what are the next steps in the interview process?" Even though you know the next steps, you don't want them to know, that you know the next steps.  Just play it oh so cool.

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After the interview, it would be a great idea to send a thank you email that should read something like this:


Dear Ms./Mr:_____:

It was nice meeting you on_(fill in date)___.  Thank you for taking time to interview me for the _(fill in blank)_ position.

I appreciate learning more about your company and tasks involved with this opportunity.  I am interested in becoming an asset to your team and look forward to hearing from you.


Your name

Of course, you can add your own spin and personalize your email to your liking.  This simple note, will let them know that you are interested and are slightly "asking" for the position.  Remember, you are both interviewing each other and they don't know if you are interested just because you are interviewing.

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Best Resume Tips

  • A bulleted resume, starting with an action (Managed, Lead, Wrote, etc.)
  • List technical skills towards top, under your objective
  • List education after experience - if you have no experience, list any job you had, including babysitting, raking leaves, etc. - There is value there my friend
  • Provide percentages/numbers (Example: Saved company 20% in expenses)
  • If possible, keep resume to one single page
  • Find and use appropriate technology

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