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♥  Lovers Acting Covertly for Ecstasy  

L.A.C.E. happens in and around the workplace more often than you think: conference room, one's private office, car, back alley, break room, broom closet or in a hotel near by. Yes, you know it happens!

People are attracted to each other in the workplace for various reasons: love, lust, infatuation, money, curiosity, loneliness, attracted to one's power, empathy, bonding or a way to relieve stress at work, just to name a few.

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Several people have met their spouses at work. That's great! Makes sense! One spends most of their waking hours (8 to 12 hours) at work. It is not surprising that spending that much time working close with others, can lead to mental and physical intimacy. Sometimes, people bond over work woes, that leads to impromptu counselors for non-work related issues, which may lead to a "creative" bonding and comforting experience.  Oh my!

You are human and have natural needs. However, some needs are sought or "just happens" (as some have put it) that may be seen as scandalous.


Several people have walked in on, or overheard the act of intimacy at work (LACE) and don't know what to do about it. These ecstasy motivated, covert operations, may lead to some losing their jobs, getting a promotion, jealousy, shame, gossip, discredited, blackmail and more. 

True Story: Names have been changed to protect individuals and companies  

The company's tech division had their quarterly touch base conference in a large hotel meeting room. During the senior manager's speech, the 87 employees heard various patterns of "questionable" sounds and slaps from the neighboring room. The room was divided by a moveable accordion type wall.  Needless to say the manager and everyone was distracted by lustful sounds and screams coming from the neighboring room.  The manager speaking, signaled the waiter and had his assistant go with hotel staff to end the noise.  

It was found out, the two co-workers (not married to each other) were engaged in intimacy with the lights off. It was later discovered they were friends with upper management (including Human Resources Manager), and did not lose their jobs, but rather were transferred to different departments, in attempts to separate them. They left their spouses, moved in with each other and eventually left the company together, while continuing their relationship. 

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What if  I walk in on coworkers having an affair engaged in intimacy? 

If (and when) this happens to you, handle yourself with class and decency.  This is nothing to lose your mind over.  Often, the people engaged in their activity are so busy, "getting busy", they may not be aware if someone walked in or is embarrassed they got caught.

Based on information gathered from employees walking in on or witnessing intimacy, they have done the following (and you can to):

 1. Report to Human Resources

 2.  Say "excuse me, sorry", close door and don't say anything to  anyone, as this may stir the gossip pot.

 3. Along with item 2 above, if the participants approach  you afterwards, don't blackmail them or judge them. Politely let  them know that your focus is your own job performance, not spreading around work what you witnessed. This approach  may  get you a promotion, but don't count on it.  Yes, one could  blackmail the participants, but blackmail and bribery never  ends well for anyone.

4.  Privately tell each person's significant other about the affair.

5.  Jump in and participate (not recommended)

Again, the above is what some people have done to address this issue. At the end of the day, you will have to use your best judgement.  The above is taken from an expert from true stories of  L.A.C.E. in the Workplace, that will be available in this site.

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Usually, a non scandalous relationships lace, romance, dinner, men,women, candles, wine, clothes, suits, hariinvolve single, unattached co-workers, no issues with LACE in the workplace.  Some workplaces include a "no dating" clause in the mountain of paperwork you sign upon acceptance of employment, that essentially states you agree not to date someone in the workplace.  This clause is usually missed in the excitement of getting your new hire paperwork completed. Let's get real! No company can enforce a no dating clause when people are hotter for each other than two wild animals in heat. It's on!  Dating in the workplace, is not the best idea due to jealousy, possible disruptions of productivity, and awkwardness.  Many people choose not to date at all in the workplace, which is wise, especially if the relationship ends badly.  Now, that is another story.

Here is an interesting  "take us to church" video on dating and relationships. 

What are your thoughts about dating in the workplace, relationship advice, OR what would you do if you walked in on co workers engaged in L.A.C.E?    Do tell, my friend, do tell

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  1. First, I would vomit inside. Next, I would laugh about it. Then, identify if it would hurt my chances of getting a promotion, if it didn’t I would report it to Human Resources; if not ignore it, it’s none of my business!

    • Thank you Faith. Great answer. Promotions are very subjective, and is a developing topic for the site. Keep coming back.

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