Do you work for an idiot or an icon?

Sometimes you may not know which one you are working for and may not cross your mind. However, if you want to function sanely, you may want to identify which one you are working for, as soon as possible. Below are some (not all) real, true to life traits of a idiot or icon manger.  Manager page is coming soon.

Idiot Manager

If your manager asks you how to do their job and don't know what to do on a daily basis or is not a people person or their manager sees them as an idiot or drives you “crazy" enough to drive to the liquor store for breakfast or if your manager can't simply spell: M-A-N-A-G-E-R, then, yes. These are some traits that identify, that you are working for an idiot. SORRY!

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Icon Manager

If your manager actually enjoys managing people, have a positive attitude toward you, their job, other people, takes time to listen to you, actually does their job (if they do it well, that’s a bonus!),  is the “go to” manager for problem solving, and fosters a peaceful team environment, then, yes, you are the lucky one who works for an icon!


Generally, people have problems with idiot manager types.   These types of a managers, you must handle with care, like a breakable package in the mail.


To handle an idiot manager, you must compliment them, gently, even though you can do their job blindfolded, while walking a tightrope backwards,100 feet in the air!  By complimenting (on a little task they accomplished) your clueless manager, it will make them believe they are doing an "ok" job, and will turn to you for guidance, which can work well in your favor.   This is cryptically "managing your manager".


Several people have mentioned that they "deal" with their idiot managers like children.  You have to reassure them they are "ok.  For instance, after a meeting, sometimes it is ok to say "good meeting" or try to tell them something positive that they did, especially if they are easily angered.  

For icon managers, you want to ask them if you can have a one-on-one meeting to get a better perspective on their job, and any opportunities to grow.  Ask them intellectual questions, such as what is their educational background and experience. Ask to lunch and perhap inquire about being your mentor and review your resume.

Which one do you work for (an idiot or an icon)?  and why are they an idiot or icon? If you can't identify which one you work for, provide some character traits and maybe you will find an answer in this post.

Would like to hear from you below. 

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